Electronic discharge systems improve patient options, save time
Article in MGMA Connections Online Exclusive Edition October 2014 with permission © Medical Group Management Association
By Seth Loonan, Senior Director Marketing at Authentidate

Focuses on how Authentidate’s Inscrybe Hospital Discharge solution improved patient discharges by automating the process for CentraState Medical Center a 284 bed hospital in Freehold, New Jersey.

Results Reported Using Inscrybe Hospital Discharge:

  • 54% improvement in patient placement time
  • 93% reduction in workflow costs
  • 85% improvement in time to create discharge referrals

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Kennedy Health System – Telehealth’s Role in Reducing Readmissions
Article in For The Record AHIMA Digital Edition October 2014
By Kathleen Flannery, Administrator at Kennedy Home Health Care

Kennedy Health System shares small, but promising study results of how Authentidate’s InscrybeMD Telehealth solution positively improved hospital readmission rates for CHF and COPD patients on this study. Kennedy implements a transition of care program of post-discharge patients to extend care in their homes through remote patient monitoring.

Results Reported Using Authentidate Telehealth:

  • 79% reduction in hospitalizations (from 2.78 average to 0.59 average while using)
  • 7.8 times Return On Investment (ROI)

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Why Use Electronic Transactions Instead of Paper?
Electronic Signatures, Identity Credentialing, Digital Timestamps and Content Authentication
Online technology has revolutionized business communications. So why do we still revert to paper to conduct the most critical aspects of our business transactions? This report explores the electronic equivalents to handwritten signatures, certified mail, and other authentication elements needed for contracts, legal correspondence, and compliance-related documentation. Learn how AuthentiProofTM content integrity service from Authentidate is not just analogous to, but superior to, traditional methods.

  • What assures that electronic transactions and electronic signatures are legal
  • Why these technologies are superior to their paper equivalents
  • How to use them for improved productivity and security

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