Inscrybe® Hospital Discharge

Hospital Discharge Planners, Case Managers, and Social Workers can find the perfect Short- or Long-Term Care Facility, or Home Nursing Care Provider for their patients quickly and easily with Inscrybe® Hospital Discharge web-based software solution.

Save your hospital more than 80% in discharge planning, processing costs and paper management by virtually eliminating the time normally wasted on phone and fax tag with potential facilities.

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Authentidate’s Inscrybe Hospital Discharge is on GSA contract number is GS-35F-408BA

Inscrybe Discharge Email and SMS Text Message alerts of the pending discharge requests get nearly immediate responses from facilities, so you can place your patients in minutes, not hours or days.

  • Hospitals

    Inscrybe Discharge’s rules-based electronic forms, intelligent routing and transaction management automatically notifies the facilities you select by fax, eMail or SMS/text message and then allows them to accept the patient referrals online in seconds. It unifies electronic and fax communications into a simplified electronic process that eliminates paper, reduces patient placement time for discharge planners and simplifies management and reporting to improve hospital discharge planning in record time. Best of all it is delivered on a proven HIPAA compliant platform with zero software installation.

    In addition, Inscrybe Hospital Discharge integrates seamlessly with your Hospital Electronic Medical Record System, Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Information System or other Electronic Patient Record System resulting in a more efficient and cost effective Discharge Planning Process.


  • Facilities

    Inscrybe Discharge helps you receive hospital discharge notifications for your facility instantly through email or SMS Text Message. You can review the patient needs and respond in seconds on Inscrybe Discharge’s secure web-based portal, simplifying your job and helping to maximize your bed and facility utilization. You can access the Inscrybe Discharge anywhere you have a web browser, so you are not bound to the desk if you need to be in the field.

    Hospitals can attach electronic patient records to reduce the paper load which can be downloaded and saved to your facility patient record system. Inscrybe Discharge is the path of the future, available at no charge to your facility today!


  • Optimizes length-of-stay and bed utilization
  • Improves hospital utilization & patient care
  • Simplifies and speeds patient placement & hospital discharge
  • Reduces costs & paper management more than 80%


  • Defined workflows for hospital discharge referrals and acceptance
  • Automates notifications to suitable care facilities or home care providers
  • Notifies facilities by fax, eMail and/or SMS text message
  • Unifies electronic and fax based communications into one dashboard for hospital staff
  • Provides family member facility search to participate in placement of patient

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