Inscrybe® Electronic Referral / Electronic Signature

Referral and Order Management for Healthcare Suppliers and Physicians

Inscrybe Electronic Referral & Electronic Signature Solution enables healthcare organizations to exchange, update, complete and electronically sign healthcare orders faster and more accurately than ever before. Inscrybe users report improvements of more than 30% in care order completion time, as well as increased staff efficiency and accuracy.

Authentidate’s Inscrybe Referral and Order Management is on GSA contract number is GS-02F-180AA

Plan of Care and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) orders and approvals are accelerated by using Inscrybe’s rules-based electronic forms, intelligent routing, transaction management, electronic signatures, content authentication and automated audit trails. The system handles web and fax communications, and can be integrated with your Electronic Medical Records (EMR), practice management and billing systems.

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Inscrybe Value PropositionInscrybe Value Proposition

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Inscrybe® referral management solution provides an easy, HIPAA-compliant and cost effective way in which physicians and HHAs can exchange Plan of Care information and required documentation amongst themselves and with other participants in the industry.

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Inscrybe® referral management solution helps DME providers accelerate and manage all Certificate of Medical Necessity or Physician Orders processing and completion by referring physicians. Get approvals on completed documentation and reimbursements faster than ever before.

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Inscrybe® referral management solution organizes all of your referrals on a unified paperless web-based dashboard, simplifying the process of review, completion and online eSignature. Physicians and staff can communicate with suppliers, patients and health plans with only an Internet browser.

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Inscrybe® referral management solution unifies all fax and electronic communications into a simplified electronic process that eliminates paper, reduces the time to process transactions, simplifies referral management and helps Health Plan Payers provide better service at lower costs.

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