Health plans’ search for solutions that reduce hospital readmissions, overhead costs and the number of claims, minimize paper management, eliminate fraud, shorten administrative workflow cycles while improving member services and care outcomes intensifies each year.

“Authentidate’s innovative healthcare solutions for care order exchange, Referral Management and Telehealth can help!”


Our secure web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are designed to streamline workflow processes, eliminate paper, assure completeness and authenticity of information while requiring little or no investment in hardware or software.

  • Referral Management

    Inscrybe® Healthcare supports health information exchange by conforming to emerging standards for seamless exchange of referrals, eligibility verifications, care orders and other documentation necessary for the approval of patient treatment and claims submissions. Inscrybe’s workflows streamline old-fashioned fax and paper based authorization and referral processes. It unifies all fax and electronic communications into a simplified electronic process that eliminates paper, reduces the time to process transactions, simplifies management and helps you provide better service at lower costs.

    Inscrybe Healthcare Benefits:

    • Manages paper, fax and electronic communications in one paperless HIPAA compliant system
    • Enhances care provider, supplier and member communications with smart-forms and streamlined workflows
    • Integrates seamlessly with clinical, administrative and billing systems
    • Improves compliance initiatives with auditable records authenticated by the AuthentiProofTM time-and-date seal


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  • Telehealth Solutions

    Our in-home remote patient monitoring Telehealth Solutions improve overall outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses beyond the hospital setting, which translates to lower overall claims and care costs. Authentidate Telehealth Solutions offer Electronic House CallTM, an FDA 510(k) cleared, in-home patient vital signs monitoring device or Authentidate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system combined with a web application that communicates with care providers. Patients with chronic conditions such as CHF, Diabetes or COPD, as well as other conditions requiring frequent vital signs monitoring show higher care plan compliance and improved outcomes using Telehealth. It’s a proven method to reduce chronic illness patient hospital re-admissions as well as cut overall care costs.

    Authentidate Telehealth Solutions Benefits:

    • Enables in-home management and improved condition outcomes for chronic illness patients
    • Reduces hospital readmissions, quantity of claims and overall chronic illness care costs
    • Empowers patients to self-manage chronic illnesses while enhancing care providers ability to manage care plans remotely

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