Inscrybe® Healthcare, Authentidate’s secure web-based information network provides an easy, HIPAA-compliant and cost effective way in which physicians and HHAs can exchange information and required documentation amongst themselves and with other participants in the industry.

Inscrybe® simplifies the process, tracks transactions and efficiently manages workflow, resulting in reduced time delays. Inscrybe® embeds Authentidate’s proven content integrity and timestamp service, AuthentiProof™.

Rising administrative costs, long reimbursement cycles and reduced reimbursement rates all hinder the profitability and cash flow of Home Health Agencies. While the process begins with referrals, intake and OASIS (Outcome and Assessment Information Set), it is the physicians’ signed Plan of Care or Medicare Form 485 that permits the HHA to be reimbursed for the services they provide. Yet, most of these forms are exchanged in the slowest, most unreliable and least manageable of all formats: hand-delivery, mail or fax. The turnaround time it takes for an approval of Plan of Care or a 485 processed in this way is slow, expensive and prone to errors, negatively impacting patient care and companies’ bottom-lines.

HHA Benefits:
  • Reduces approval and reimbursement cycle times
  • Enhances Care Plan Oversight and reporting capabilities
  • Improves information workflow management
  • Utilizes the web to simplify tasks

Inscrybe® is designed to be interoperable HHA practice management and third-party billing systems. Since it is browser-based, deployment is rapid and cost-effective for all parties involved in the network.

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