Inscrybe Unifies All Referrals in One Web-Based Solution

Inscrybe® Healthcare web-based referral and order management solution enables physicians to review, complete and eSign health care orders anywhere there is Internet and a browser.

Securely exchange healthcare information and documents with patients, home care or home medical equipment providers, facilities, hospitals and payers.

There is no hardware or software to install!

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No Cost for Physicians Offices to eSign There are no registration, activation, training, support or usage charges for reviewing, eSigning, or storing healthcare documents.
Optional Care Plan Oversight Reporting Module Physicians will have the ability to opt-in to gain access to a detailed CPO report. This report will assist physicians with Medicare reimbursement for Care Plan Oversight eligible signatures and for time spent overseeing the care of home care or hospice patients. A nominal cost is charged to physicians who opt-in for CPO access.
Paperless All forms are processed electronically, reducing paper and time lost searching for misplaced forms.
Centralizes Documents Healthcare documents from different companies are centralized on one secure website.
Staff Review There is no need to change the current process of completing forms. The physicians staff can fill out and review the electronic forms then forward to the physician for final review and signature. Forms can then be submitted online or by fax.
Web Based Solution Physicians and their staff can process documents from any PC with internet access. There is no hardware or software to install.
Smart Form Completion Each form is checked for completion before it is submitted to eliminate resending incomplete forms and shorten the approval cycle.
Compliant This service meets or exceeds all HIPAA and CMS requirements.
Audit trail Every user interaction with a form is recorded for the life of the form.

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