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Remote Patient Monitoring to Reduce Hospital Readmissions using Telehealth

Authentidate is rated one of the Top Ten Telehealth Vendors Worldwide in IHS World Market for Telehealth 2014 Edition.* Our Telehealth Solutions are designed to improve outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions by helping clinicians closely monitor patients with chronic illnesses such as CHF, COPD and Diabetes.

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Patients learn self management and behavior modification through symptom identification and management. Clinicians are able to detect and intervene earlier in order to minimize patients’ emergencies and complications.

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Electronic House Call™

Clinicians use the Electronic House Call remote patient monitoring telehealth device in combination with easy to use peripherals to help patients send their vital signs data and other qualitative question responses to their clinicians for review.


The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telehealth service uses the latest in voice recognition technology to allow patients to answer their session questions and enter their vital signs data verbally or using the key pad from any touch tone phone. Click for the IVR Demo.

Web Application

The Authentidate telehealth Web-based application simplifies patient care plan management for clinicians. Clinicians can schedule monitoring sessions and view patients’ vital signs readings immediately online.

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* IHS World Market for Telehealth 2014 Edition