For an electronic signature to have the same legally binding validity of a personal signature, it must fulfill the compliance and auditability requirements of the law.

In almost all instances, it must be possible to prove “who” has signed “what” content “when” in a secure manner and be able to validate that the content has not changed in any way since it was signed.

Trusted timestamps provide a tamper detection “snapshot” of electronic content at a specific point-in-time. A file with a verifiable timestamp issued by a trusted timestamp authority provides assurance that the contents of the file have not changed since the timestamp was applied. The application of timestamps permit practical content verification for “proof” in commercial business, legal, government and personal applications of content authenticity at that specific point in time.

Authentidate® offers an extensive portfolio of proprietary electronic signature (eSignature) products and services with embedded digital signature (certificate-based), time stamping and identity credentialing features that fully meet or exceed legal requirements in the United States for electronic documentation.   We also tailor our offerings to address specific industry or client requirements.

Sample applications include:

  • AuthentiProof® Service – a content integrity, time-and-date stamp application that applies the AuthentiProof Timestamp to Microsoft® Office documents for trusted third-party content authentication with time-and-date stamping.
  • Inscrybe® Healthcare – a secure web-based service for healthcare entities that enables secure, convenient, HIPAA-compliant exchange, approval, signature and tracking of time-sensitive healthcare forms and other documentation through paper, web or fax means.

Our offerings encompass secure access portals, or work seamlessly with other solutions through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to minimize disruption and improve end-user adoption. Authentidate also provides custom integration of our products and services into enterprise-specific and business partner application software, and works collaboratively to devise new solutions to solve problems.

All of the Authentidate eSignature solutions incorporate easy application of trusted third-party authentication. In addition to the Authentidate products developed for specific applications, AuthentiProof™ content integrity, time-and-date service is available to enterprise-specific applications and for business partners to integrate into existing software solutions as timestamps with trusted third-party authentication. AuthentiProof is in compliance with the U.S. ESIGN Law.

Common business, government and personal applications where signatures are required on electronic documentation include authorizations or approvals of contracts, invoices, expenses, receipt of documents, releases, transcripts, forms, orders, tax or other legal filings, mortgages or other loan documents, ownership documents and many, many more….

Typical applications include digital filing and archive systems, medical records, workflow systems, secure electronic and fax forms processing systems, trademark and copyright protection digital repositories, approval verification records, document management systems, etc.

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