Authentiproof® eSignature & Timestamp

The AuthentiProof® eSignature & Timestamp Service is a content integrity and time-and-date seal application which can be used to verify the authenticity of electronic content or a file sent electronically at a specific point in time.

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The AuthentiProof Seal provides irrefutable proof of content, providing a legally viable option to conduct business in compliance with existing U.S. regulations.

The AuthentiProof Timestamp is a Technology that is integral to most applications currently available by Authentidate®. It is both a “Standalone” Add-In / Plug-in for Microsoft Word and Excel, and also an authentication technology used to provide audit capability to a variety of transaction processes.

Authentidate has been providing this Safe and Secure Technology to our current customers that include the U.S. Military, U.S. Federal and State Agencies, Financial Institutions, Large Corporations, and Entrepreneurs, for many years.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Compatibility development has
been discontinued for this product; therefore the
Authentiproof Plug-in Will NOT be Compatible with
the Windows 8 Operating System.

  • Detect: The AuthentiProof service allows users to detect whether or not documents or files sealed with AuthentiProof Timestamps have been altered or modified.
  • Trust: AuthentiProof timestamps issued by Authentidate are stored in an approved and highly secure environment for up to seven years from date of application.
  • Protect: Authentidate is the verifier for all AuthentiProof timestamps applied.
  • About the AuthentiProof Service

    About the AuthentiProof® Service

    It’s easy to use the AuthentiProof Service provided by Authentidate. Simply download the Plug-In for Microsoft® Office and purchase a block of AuthentiProof timestamps to get started.


    AuthentiProof is a web-based service to timestamp and electronically sign files and content. Once an AuthentiProof seal is applied to a file, it may be utilized as proof that a document existed in that form at that specific point in time. The AuthentiProof seal is stored by Authentidate for up to seven years from date of application.

    Authentidate defines and maintains the technical and operational standards for the AuthentiProof service, and provides verification of AuthentiProof seals issued by Authentidate.

    Secure Technology

    The Service utilizes standard cryptographic techniques and auditable time stamps to provide verification that the file has not changed since that specific point in time.

    The Service accepts and stores information describing electronic files for later non-repudiation. Electronic files, which remain at the customer location, are run through a cryptographic hash algorithm and then time-stamped using a secure auditable time stamping master clock. The hash value, timestamp, certificate, and the AuthentiProof seal, are stored by Authentidate in a highly secure repository for up to seven years from the date of application.

    Later should an electronic file be the subject of a dispute involving questions as to whether changes have been made to the content, the file’s AuthentiProof seal can be verified, indicating whether or not the file has been modified since the AuthentiProof seal was applied.

    Legal Strength

    In addition to United States federal and state legislative frameworks (Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act [ESIGN, 2000], Government Paperwork Elimination Act [GPEA, 1998], Uniform Electronic Transaction Act [UETA, 1999]) which have been in existence for several years now to encourage people to form and sign contracts and agreements electronically.

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Proof of data integrity
    • Detect data tampering
    • Online verification
    • Store evidence of content authenticity for up to seven years
    • Free downloadable software extension for Microsoft® Office
    • Certificate of an AuthentiProof verification is available electronically or may be printed
    • Complies with U.S. Federal and State Electronic Commerce Legislation
    • Electronic signing (ESIGN, UETA)
    • Electronic transactions (GPEA)
  • Microsoft Information

    The AuthentiProof® Add-In for Microsoft® Office is a free download from Authentidate that enables users to easily use the AuthentiProof seal to electronically sign and ensure content integrity by incorporating a trusted date and time stamp on Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel documents. It provides for truly long-term verification of content or electronic signature authenticity.

    Truly Long-Term, Trusted Authenticity of Microsoft Office Files
    AuthentiProof seals issued by Authentidate, and applied to any document through the Plug-In, are stored in an approved and highly secure environment for up to seven years from the date of application. The AuthentiProof seal does not need to be renewed each year like most digital signature products. This electronic timestamp enables detection of document tampering and verification of a document’s authenticity online. Authentidate is the verifier for all AuthentiProof seals applied.

    Imagine the time, cost and energy saved! Instead of printing your Word or Excel documents that need to be signed and sent, simply keep your documents in their native form, electronically sign them with an AuthentiProof seal and save them, or send them through any email system.

    To get started creating documents that are time stamped and sealed with the Plug-In for Microsoft Office, you must create an AuthentiProof account, download the Plug-In software and click the menu item in the Word or Excel toolbar to apply an AuthentiProof seal to a document.

    Microsoft and the Office logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks or sales marks are the property of their respective owners.]

  • Important Details

    NOTE: To validate existing files that have been created, time stamped and sealed by another person is Free and does NOT require the creation of an AuthentiProof® account or the purchase of timestamps. AuthentiProof timestamp blocks are only required if you are time stamping and sealing documents. You only need to install the correct version of the Plug-In to validate existing documents.

    Getting Started with the Plug-In for versions of Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013 – OR – 2000 / 2003 
    (select carefully and do not install both)

    NOTE: The plug-ins are only compatible with:

    • Microsoft Operating Systems (XP, Vista & Win7 in both 32 and 64 bit systems) using Microsoft Office Application Suites (2007, 2010 OR 2013)
      – OR –
    • Microsoft Operating System (XP 32 bit system) using Microsoft Office Application Suites (2000 OR 2003)

    (These plug-ins are not supported with UNIX, Mac, Terminal Services, Emulation Platforms or other combinations of operating system and Microsoft Office suite not listed on this page.)


    The Plug-In is free and can be used to verify previously time stamped files, but you must purchase AuthentiProof timestamp Blocks to use the service to time stamp new files.



    * Any AuthentiProof timestamp purchases under 100,000 units block size requires payment by credit card.
    ** Payments for timestamps, (only required if you are going to create and time stamp new documents) must be paid in advance by credit card or in such other form of payment as agreed by the Company.

    Unused timestamp blocks will expire 1 year from date of purchase. There are no refunds for unused timestamp blocks.

    Note: To use the Add-In to time stamp new files you must create an AuthentiProof Service account and purchase AuthentiProof timestamp blocks.