Software Development Kit – SDK

Assure content integrity and protect against tampering by providing irrefutable evidence of authenticity in one step.

Secure and timestamp your important electronic files by linking a unique digital identifier, a hash code that you create, with a second unique AuthetiProof® seal as verification within your own software applications or web services.

The AuthetiProof transaction I.D. code provides a digital fingerprint of files including the exact moment that the AuthetiProof seal is linked to the hash code and then stored in the AuthetiProof web service data center to act as your verification service.

The AuthetiProof web service provides truly long-term trusted third-party evidence of content authenticity with a certified timestamp when the AuthetiProof seal was applied. Verification that an AuthetiProof seal is matched to the correct hash code assures that the integrity of electronic content, electronic signatures or other important data is identical since the AuthetiProof seal was applied. The Authentidate Software Development Kit (SDK) simplifies the process of assuring data integrity and protecting against tampering by making the AuthetiProof seal and the AuthetiProof web verification service available to corporate software developers or system integrators (OEM application developers).

Examples of AuthetiProof Applications:

  • Brokerage Authorizations
  • Contracts and Loans
  • Digital Evidence Management
  • Document Management
  • Education Transcripts and Records
  • Engineering Designs
  • Financial Transactions
  • Healthcare Authorizations
  • Legal Files and Records
  • Patent Filings


For your convenience, the Authentidate Software Development Kit (SDK) is available in either COM or Java versions to support platform independent integration of the AuthentiProof service with any existing or new software application or web service in a variety of different operating systems.

Note: You must purchase timestamps to use the service.

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